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Private Hot Tubs @ Eagle's Eye View Cottages

We hope you enjoy the Hot Tub during your stay. To ensure that the hot tub is clean and ready for the next guest, we do ask that you follow the following rules to help us out.  We greatly appreciate your support.

  • Hot Tubs are not recommended for children, however, if you choose to permit your child to use the hot tub, the child must be supervised at all times. We do not permit children under 5 under any circumstances for hygiene reasons.
  • Remove the Hot Tub Cover carefully.
  • Place cover beside the Hot Tub.
  • Enter/Exit the hot tub carefully.
  • No glass is permitted in the Hot Tub just in case of breakage.
  • No food is permitted in the Hot Tub to keep it sanitary.
  • If water rises, there are too many in the Hot Tub. Please do not let it over flow as it will not be refilled. (Water must not go lower than the jets. If it does, you must unplug the hot tub.)
  • Turn the jets down when you are finished please.
  • Place the cover back on and be sure that it is fastened when finished. Thank you!
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