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  • We believe you will enjoy and love our cottage as we do. We hope that you will relax and enjoy yourselves to the max while you are here and we ask that you try to keep the cottage as neat and tidy as possible. This, we are told, helps with the check out.  (Check out time is before 10:45)
  • There is a recycling/Garbage bin building directly across from the playground where you can drop of any  garbage or recyclables at anytime.
  • Only registered guest are permitted on site.
  • We provide parking for two vehicles at each  cottage.  If you require a  third parking spot, please let us know and we will find a spot. (We do this to avoid parking on the septic systems.)
  • We ask that all smoking is taken place outdoors only. Please do not smoke indoors as it leaves an unpleasant smell and other guest coming in could have an allergy. Thank you.
  • Please ensure all dishes are washed, dried and replaced in the cupboard before you check out.
  • You can enjoy cooking seafood, however, contact the OFFICE and we will provide you with an outside burner and pot. (Tank of propane is  an extra fee of  25.00)
  • Doors and windows must remain closed during the colder months, (October through to May). Also, when operating the AC windows must remain closed to ensure  the maximum performance of the AC.
  • Please turn off Fans and the AC anytime you will be away from the cottage and when checking out.
  •     We appreciate your support.
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