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– No smoking inside the cottages

– Cook seafood outside (outdoor burner is available upon request)

– Quiet hours start at 10:00 pm (no loud music, etc)

– Do not leave bonfire unattended (pour water over fire when finished)

– Do not leave candles burning unattended

– Playset is for children under 12 only

– Refrain from taking glassware off the deck (to prevent any accidents for barefoot campers)

– Have daytime guests leave before 11:00 pm, and not before 11:00 am

– Use coasters and provided for any pots/mugs with hot contents

– Make yourself familiar with our recycling building, and help us be “green”

– Use garbage can and compost bins provided

– Make sure garbage lids are on tightly to prevent animals from getting in it

– Remove pillow shams from pillows on the beds

– Leave deck furniture on the deck

– If you smoke, please use ashtray on the deck

– Keep music/noise to a minimum

– Supervise and go over rules with children

– Wash and dry any dishes used prior to your departure

– Leave the cottage as you found it

– Turn heat thermostat down to 15 degrees when leaving the cottage

– Check out by 11:00 AM

– Enjoy your stay!

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